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About us

“The UK’s nicest arts centre” Barney Norris, playwright

Welcome to The Spring. We are an independent arts centre, museum and hub for all kinds of creative activity that takes place in our area.

Here are some things about The Spring that you might like to know.

Our Mission is:

The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre is a small venue where big things happen.

Our vibrant events and activities help make Havant, Hampshire and the surrounding region a better place live.

We live by our Core Values:

We believe that participating in live arts and connecting with local heritage can help to improve everyone’s quality of life.

We are here to serve the whole community, and want it to be easy for everyone to access our services and to try the experiences we offer.

We will always aim to exceed people’s expectations of us as a small arts and heritage centre. This is demonstrated through everything we do from relationships with our customers to the quality and integrity of our programme and exhibits.

We have three Key Targets:

  1. To reach, engage and attract a wide range of audiences
  2. To present a well-regarded programme of high quality, fit-for-purpose events, workshops, exhibitions and heritage
  3. To deliver what we commit to deliver, within a viable business model

How We Do It

We provide arts and cultural activities and services across the Borough of Havant and beyond. We are a Registered Charity (No. 297353) working for the benefit of our local community.

The Spring is the only professional live performance venue and professional museum within Havant Borough. We are also the only one-site museum and arts centre in the South East. We work to bring cultural activities and artistic experiences to our community and specially focus on working for, and with, the 120,000 residents of Havant Borough, and we regularly extend our reach further into Hampshire, Portsmouth and West Sussex.

To achieve our targets and live up to our values we present and manage five different strands of work:

  1. Live events and film screenings
  2. Participatory events and opportunities
  3. Visual arts and heritage exhibitions, heritage collections
  4. Cultural advice and support services (for individuals and organisations)
  5. Community services (such as room hire and the café)

All strands are delivered across a range of artistic and cultural activities including theatre, music, visual arts, craft, comedy, heritage, dance and circus. Our activities and opportunities take place both within our building and ‘beyond our walls’ across the Borough.

The Spring is the main hub for arts and cultural activities in Havant Borough. Our ambition is to be an organisation that makes the community proud and we would love to be recognised as the leading small-scale arts centre in the UK and a model of best practice for integrating arts and heritage activities.

“The Spring is an inspirational venue with vibrant ideas and a commitment to providing exceptional experiences for its audiences. This is an organisation with the highest quality theatre and live events programme and it is one of the most exciting small-scale cultural organisations in the South East.”

Mark Makin, touring associate, house

Why Do We Do It?

We really believe in what we do!  We think that everyone should be able to access creative activities and learn about their heritage locally and that these experiences enrich our lives and make us happier. It’s as simple as that!

At some point everyone has experienced an amazing cultural experience. Perhaps it was when you were given a hand painted picture by a loved one, felt a tingle up your spine when you heard a piece of music, were stopped in your tracks by an acrobat at the circus or when your favourite book took your breath away.

It might have been when a film made you cry or when you laughed at a comedian’s joke until your sides hurt, when you danced the night away, when you learnt an amazing historical fact or when you nearly burst with pride at performing in front of your friends and family.

We think that these experiences make life better and that’s what we do – present as many and as varied opportunities as possible for people in our area to experience more great moments through creative activities and events.