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Event Cinema

21 November 2018

Watch a world-class production of a famous Christmas story from the intimate comfort of your favourite theatre.

A big thank you: New piano at the Spring

A big thank you: New piano at the Spring

16 November 2018

Staff, volunteers and supporters of the art centre in Havant raised the cash to replace its ageing piano, which had the embarrassing habit of refusing to play certain notes mid-performance.

Francesca Beard

30 October 2018

Are you interesting, witty and sharp? Then we’ve got just the show for you. Trust us. Would we lie to you?


18 October 2018

The Spring is a small place where big things happen. So it’s no surprise to find it hosting an innovative show at the cutting edge of theatre technology. Here, Sophie Fullerlove, director of The Spring, explains what theatre lovers can expect from Frogman, a play partly told in virtual reality.