Not just a grand piano - it’s a ten grand piano!

Not just a grand piano - it’s a ten grand piano!

Staff, volunteers and supporters of the art centre in Havant raised the cash to replace its ageing piano, which had the embarrassing habit of refusing to play certain notes mid-performance.

A new piano paid for by fundraisers at The Spring means sticky keys are now a thing of the past.


The new piano cost £10,000 and is suitable for artists performing across all areas of the venue’s programme – from classical to jazz to pop.


“We had the old one serviced and maintained but the keys would regularly stick, including during a particularly memorable gig by Jacqui Dankworth and Charlie Wood,” said Sophie Fullerlove, director of The Spring.

Dankworth and Wood will put the Yamaha 6ft grand piano through its paces in January.

But pianist Steve Christie, who performed at one of the fundraising events, will have the honour of being the first to tickle the ivories on December 9th, when he accompanies the Spitfire Sisters.

“We can now invite high profile artists without the embarrassment of an instrument that goes wrong,” said Sophie.

“We want to present the highest quality music. We want an instrument that will help us across all areas of our music programme. We received some specialist advice on the best piano to purchase for our needs and as an asset for our community.” 

A couple of significant individual donations and a grant organised by Hampshire councillor Ray Bolton brought the total to £12,503.

The remainder of the money will pay for a new piano stool, offset some of the fundraising costs and set up a small maintenance fund.

Other artists scheduled to use the piano in early 2019 are the Primrose Piano Quartet, Elgar and Beyond and Neil Brand, who will accompany black and white movies in a Beyond The Stage event. 

Pianist Karen Kingsley performs some classical music in April and in March The Spring celebrates the life and work of Nat King Cole.