All at sixes (but definitely not sevens)

All at sixes (but definitely not sevens)

Today the government’s new Rule of Six came into force. We know some of you might be concerned about what this means for visiting The Spring so we’re using today’s blog to let you know what the new regulations mean for us.

Firstly, we would like to recognise that the world is an alarming place right now. The latest news about the increase in coronavirus cases is worrying for everyone. Ever since the pandemic began we have been determined to act responsibly and in the best interests of our community, our visitors and our staff.  We take everyone’s safety very seriously and have lots of measures in place to make sure we are able to legitimately call ourselves Covid-secure. 

Being Covid-secure means we are following all government guidelines in relation to public building and events.  For The Spring this means complying with legislation and rules relating to theatres, cinemas, community centres, museums and cafes. In many ways, the measures we have put in place exceed what is expected of us as we are determined to be as safe as possible. One example of this is our new fogger, a new piece of kit that distributes an antiviral fog which kills coronavirus and which we are using between performances in the theatre.


Rule of Six

As a Covid-secure venue we can still go ahead with all our planned activities and events, despite the new Rule of Six. This includes all live events and workshops, which are exempt from the guidelines and are taking place with safety measures and social distancing in place. We do however, ask that you do not book more than six tickets for any event or activity unless you are from the same household or within the same support bubble.  We are also sorry to say that we cannot allow you to socialise in groups of more than six within the building. This includes meeting up before or after workshops, having a catch up in our café or visiting an exhibition or our museum. We know this isn’t much fun, but we want to make sure we are abiding by the new rules and groups of fewer than six people are always welcome!

Since last week’s announcement, we have also taken steps to increase the visibility of our Track and Trace initiative. Since reopening we have been asking our daytime visitors to send a simple text message with their name to a specially dedicated number. This is particularly important for daytime visitors to the café or museum and those who are not attending a ticketed event. Visitor details are kept for 21 days and can only accessed by senior managers at The Spring. They will only be used for the Track and Trace recording, as required by the law.  All our café visitors will be given information about how to register their name, but if you do not feel happy doing so by text our café staff can also take your details securely too.

Thank you for your understanding and please do keep an eye on our website for the latest updates and guidance on visiting The Spring. Although these guidelines sound serious – and they are important – many of our visitors have told us how friendly our building still is as we continue to prioritise a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere despite the new rules.