Being Her

The Spring Arts and Heritage Centre, Havant, is holding a one-off evening festival Being Her, which focuses on life for women in the 21st century. Director Sophie Fullerlove outlines the inspiration behind this entertaining and enlightening event. Read on…

I’m not afraid to admit I’m a feminist. And many of my best friends are feminists too.

I’m also a mother, daughter, sister and director of The Spring. I’ve recently come back to work after having my first child. A boy. But I’m worried about how I’m going to bring him up in a world where campaigns like #MeToo and Time’s Up are necessary.

All of that was working away in my mind when I decided to create the Being Her festival. It’s a single event bringing together ground-breaking performances where an audience get a different perspective on life for women in the 21st century.

We’d booked the amazingly acerbic and riotously funny writer and TV personality Kathy Lette and her show Girls’ Night Out. But, I thought, why don’t we use this as a vehicle to drive an audience to other shows in the evening?

Each of these additional performances deserve an individual showcase in their own right, but as part of a single event they add depth, gravitas and a new way of looking at life for modern women and girls.

So we take a serious look at abortion. But it’s filled with insights and humour that will make you think very deeply about the choice that one in three women will have to make.

Running throughout the evening are 10 short films, narrated by Helen Mirren, which look at the lives of women across the world. It’s the first time these have been shown to a wider audience. And they are riveting.

Perfectly Imperfect Women features Danyah Miller, a superb story-teller searching to understand perfection and what it means for women when they can’t attain it.

There’s prosecco and gin – other drinks are available – some lovely food and a chance to listen to post-show chats if the fancy takes you.

Bring your friends. You can bring your lovers and your husbands as well, though not at the same time please. We don’t want a scene.

We’re looking for some brave men to come too. Kathy promises not to be too hard on you. After all, we love you all. We just want you to understand us. And this is your chance.

For more information or to book your tickets call our box office or click here…