We want to hear your birth stories

We want to hear your birth stories

Award-winning poetry, stories and theatre

The Spring’s Birth Day festival features a range of events celebrating the story of birth and acknowledging the trauma and wonder of the experience.

Although the performances are designed to both provoke debate and entertain, your stories of birth and the impact birth experiences can have on new parents is at the heart of the event.

The theatre show Wild is a humorous look at the language of birth. It includes music, comedy, bold talking and glitter as it covers birth, trauma and post-natal illness.

Wild is part disco, part riot and part rite of passage. There’s a 2pm performance which is baby friendly (suitable for parents with babies under 1) and there’s a post-show chat after the 7pm performance.

Expect strong language about sex and motherhood!

The ‘Birth Day’ festival on Friday 11 October will be headlined by poet and spoken word artist Hollie McNish, and will include work from Nobody Told Me, her award-winning collection about motherhood and parenting.

Hollie’s YouTube videos have had more than 10 million views. You can expect strong language and brutal honesty with readings about fruit and flesh, guilt, sex, breasts and motherhood.

Director Sophie Fullerlove said: “When I became a mum in 2017 Hollie’s videos were one of the first places I found that I wasn’t alone in feeling like my world had turned upside down.”

Hollie is in the Theatre at 9pm.

Embroidered stories at The Spring

Women are also invited to share birth stories, eat cake and create embroidered artwork at the free drop in workshop Stitch, which runs from 3pm to 5pm.

Whether it was last week or 50 years ago, share your birth story and contribute to the growing stitch exhibition which will be on display at The Spring throughout the day.