Family Friday - Make a board game!

Family Friday - Make a board game!

With everyone looking for something to do now we're all spending more time inside, we thought we'd lend a hand an share with you one activity a week to spark some creativity for families. 

We really enjoyed playing A Line Art's Climate Challenge Board Game as part of our Family Festival earlier this year, so we thought we'd have a go at making our own!

We've made some instructions in case you want to give it a go too. 

You will need:

  • Something to draw on (paper, card, an old cereal box, anything you have nearby!)
  • Something to draw with (pens, pencils, paint)
  • Dice (you can use one you already have, or try making your own!)
  • Counters (this can be anything small that you have around the house like small toys or pennies)
  • Lots of imagination!




Step 1: Choose your shape. Will your board game be a square? How about a circle? Or will your board game look a bit like a snake? Draw the outline as big as you can on your paper.

Step 2: How many spaces will your board game have? We think around 20 is a good number. Make sure you add numbers to your spaces so everybody knows what order they go in!

Step 3: Will your board game have a theme? It might be superhero themed, or all about animals, it can be anything you want it to be. Once you have your theme, you can add in places where players can skip ahead or fall behind (a bit like snakes and ladders). Maybe if a player lands on space number 3 they will get super powers and fly to number 10?

Step 4: Decorate your board and make it colourful!

Step 5: Find your players and tell them the rules.

Step 6: Play your board game, and have fun!


You can download the worksheet here