Family Friday - Swamp Cat Colouring in

Family Friday - Swamp Cat Colouring in

You might have seen our Swamp Cat on your last visit to the Museum and wondered how on earth such an exotic animal ended up on the South Coast of England!

The Swamp Cat (or ‘Jungle Cat’ or ‘Reed Cat’) is common in parts of India, and lives on a variety of small mammals and birds. It has adapted well to the presence of humans, and in its native habitat can often be found around towns and villages.


Sightings and photographic evidence would suggest that quite a few of them are living feral in this country, and could well account for at least some of the reported sightings of ‘big cats’. Presumably, our Swamp Cat escaped from someone’s private collection. And it may not be the last, as there have been other tantalising sightings on Hayling before and since.


We may not be able to see the Swamp Cat at the moment, but we have put together a colouring in sheet for you to do and bring the cat back to life! 


You can download it here