Light at the end of the tunnel

Light at the end of the tunnel

In two weeks it will be a year since we closed our doors for the first time because of coronavirus. I am so glad I did not know then how the year would pan out. But, however challenging it has been, there is now light at the end of the tunnel.  The government’s announcement last Monday means we now have an idea of dates and can celebrate and get excited about the possibility of reopening The Spring (again). We cannot wait.


Over the last 12 months hundreds of our audiences have been in touch to let us know how much you miss our building and our work. We do not want you to feel as though you’re missing out and so we will do everything we can to open as soon as we’re legally allowed. We very much hope this will be on 17 May 2021.

Initially we will reopen the box office, café, shop, museum, exhibitions and research room and will be open for our usual Monday – Saturday, 10am – 4pm hours.  We hope you will come back and see us. We have a surprise on the walls in the Sadler Gallery (café) that we hope will get you talking!

We hope to start our live events, films and workshops a few weeks later in June. The summer programme will be announced in April but many of the events are already on sale having been rescheduled from earlier in the pandemic.  I am throwing in a few surprises and once we’ve let our members know about these we’ll be sharing them more widely.  Although over the last year we have got (we hope) very efficient at rescheduling events, we want to reopen smoothly and avoid the need to rearrange our plans if the roadmap changes. We are therefore only arranging events that can be enjoyed with socially distanced audiences until the end August.  This means tickets will be very limited and additional capacity will only be released when the government confirms the end of social distancing.

We are planning our summer season carefully to ensure that everyone feels comfortable when returning to The Spring. We will publish more information about what we are doing to continue to keep people safe in the coming weeks. We hope that the declining rates of infection, our safety measures and the rollout of the vaccine programme mean that you will feel confident returning to see us.

Throughout the pandemic we have done our best to provide events and activities online, over the phone and in person when appropriate. It has been an extraordinary time and there have been some great moments along the way. Thank you to the thousands of you who have kept with us, tried new things and enjoyed these with us.

There have been times that have been incredibly difficult too and we are under no illusions that these are over.  Changes to the roadmap dates and possible news of increased infection are not things we relish hearing over the next few weeks.  But we are positive and are working in a way which we hope is flexible enough to withstand the inevitable changes we are bound to encounter on the road to reopening.   We will do our best to keep you up to date as our plans develop but we are keeping everything crossed that we can reopen on 17 May as we hope.

So, what now? Until we reopen (and even after then too) we will continue to present events online. You can find out everything we have planned in March and April in the whats on section of our website.  Behind the scenes, our team will keep on working (part time thanks to the furlough scheme), but now with a renewed focus.  Well develop budgets from kitchen tables, write fundraising applications in bedrooms and will plan events whilst home-schooling (for now at least).  Over the last year our team have been determined to do their best for The Spring. They have each made sacrifices to help make sure we can reopen and I cannot tell you how grateful I am for their creativity, support and determination. We could not have survived this so well without them.

We will be doing everything we can to throw open our doors and welcome you all back with huge smiles (and maybe some happy tears too) as soon as we can.

We know this isnt the end, but there really is light at the end of the tunnel. We are going to start running towards it and well meet you there.

Much love

Sophie x