Now We’re #BackTogether

Now We’re #BackTogether

We did it! On Tuesday 1 September we threw open our doors the expectant queue and welcomed in our first visitors for six months. What a joy it has been to see them!

We have been delighted with our first week back.  Friends, volunteers and supporters have popped in to say hello, one of our knit and natter groups have come back and our café customers have been enjoying the return of sausage rolls. Apart from the strange experience of not being able to offer hugs to old friends it has been wonderful.


As well as our regular visitors enjoying our return we’ve experienced a lot of love on social media as artists and venues from across the UK have celebrated with us, sending  messages of support.  Our trustees sent flowers and I came armed with a tray of doughnuts for the team as a welcome back present. We feel very loved and thankful to all of our community (both near and far) who have taken the time to get in touch to wish us luck for the next stage of our reopening journey.


Just one day after opening, we hosted our first live event in the theatre.  It was so moving to see audience members take their seats in the theatre and enjoy an indoor event in person.  We have worked hard to make sure that theatre events are safe and this week have bought an anti-viral fogger, which is now being used between events in the theatre to clean and sterilise the seats. Always a lover of new equipment, our Technical Manager Dan is enjoying getting to grips with this new piece of kit while the rest of the staff are enjoying seeing him don a fetching paper suit to work it safely. It is almost as entertaining and what’s on the stage.


The feedback we have received so far suggests that our visitors are pleased with the measures we have taken to keep everyone safe and that people are feeling comfortable here, which is exactly what we hoped. We will continue to review the way we’re working and the measures we’re taking so we can keep on top of providing a safe and welcoming experience, but for now, we’re happy to have enjoyed a good start.


So, here we are back, doing what we love best and loving every minute of being #BackTogether.