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Mark Thomas: Walking on the Wall

Join Mark Thomas for a streamed recording of Walking on the Wall on Tuesday 11 August starting at 7.30pm. The recording has a caption option. 

This digital event is presented by Mark Thomas and streamed through Go Faster Stripe (who filmed the show). 

Tickets cost £5 and The Spring will receive 20% of the money raised. Tickets can be booked through Go Faster Stripe (this link will take you to an external site).


Walking on the Wall

Never one to take the easy option, Mark decided to go rambling in the Middle East and walked the entire length of the Israeli Barrier crossing between the Israeli and the Palestinian side. This is the story of 300,000 settlers; a 750 km wall; six arrests, one stoning; too much hummus and a simple question... can you ever get away from it all with a good walk?


In December 2009, Mark spent 9 weeks walking the entirety of the Israeli Barrier.

The wall was started in 2003 and when completed, will be 750km long - it is a military structure overseen by watchtowers with signs of ‘warning of imminent death’ and is patrolled by the Israeli Army Police. It entirely encircles the Palestinians who can only get out through checkpoints with permission. There are around 300,000 Palestinians living within that area.

During the 9 weeks walking, Mark was detained 6 or 7 times for several hours by the Army.

He was detained by the Palestinians too but that was mainly for coffee and food.