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Current and Upcoming Exhibitions


Lost in Time: The Work of Lawrence Gleadle

Upper Mezzanine Gallery Monday 11 September – Friday 22 December

Lost in Time is an exhibition of 1930’s billboard advertisements by lithographic artist Lawrence Gleadle, which have been remastered with the help of local artist Kendal James. Lawrence Gleadle worked at Stafford and Co. printers in Nottingham. He started a five-year apprenticeship as an artist in 1923 at the age of 15, and went on to become the ‘Big Head Man’.  He would draw the portraits of the film stars or advertising characters and the background design for film and advertising posters.

By the 1930s Stafford was the largest poster printers in England. Lawrence kept samples of his work, including complete posters. When he left the company during the second world war, his work was bagged up and lost for nearly 80 years, until his son Goff discovered them and brought them back into the light.

A companion exhibition is being held at Art Space Portsmouth from 11 October – 22 October.

Saturday 28 October 11am-1pm: Meet and Greet

Come along to this free session to meet Lawrence’s son Goff Gleadle and local artist Kendal James, who help to revive Lawrence’s lost work so that it can be enjoyed today.



Open Exhibition 2018: Women, Suffrage and Art

Upper Mezzanine Gallery Monday 23 April - Thursday 29 June

Each year The Spring holds an Open Exhibition. This is ‘open’ to professionals, amateurs and dabblers. The work featured in the final exhibition is chosen by a panel of experts and gives you the chance to exhibit and even sell your work from our professional, accredited museum and gallery.

In 2018 it will be 100 years since women won the right to vote. We want to celebrate and be inspired by this topic and so have chosen Women, Suffrage and Art as this year’s Open Exhibition theme

The Open Exhibition 2018 will run from Monday 23 April until Thursday 29 June.

On Thursday 5 April, Dr Caroline Shenton will be giving a talk on Votes for Women! Art and the Suffragettes; details here.


Camera Collection by Trevor Austin

Local Collection Cabinets Monday 8 January - Tuesday 3 April

Our Local Collection Cabinets are filled with displays from local people, made up of collections that are special to them.
Trevor’s camera collection is an eclectic range of cameras he has used, from when he started taking pictures in the late 1950s right up to the present day. The cameras range from folding and professional 120 film cameras, through to 35mm, and digital and video.


Bright Young Minds: Central Havant Schools Showcase

Upper Mezzanine Gallery Monday 8 January - Friday 6 April

This exhibition will feature work from a selection of local schools who are part of the Warblington Partnership Board, a multi-agency network of schools and community organisations that aims to support children, young people and their families in central Havant.
Featuring work from pupils at Infant, Primary and Secondary level, this exhibition will shine a spotlight on the creative work happening in local schools that supports children to achieve more and aim higher. The work will cover a range of themes and mediums, but all will showcase the outstanding work created by some of our local bright young minds.