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Exhibition spaces

Visual arts and exhibitions are an important part of The Spring’s work. We show a year round programme of work encompassing professional, emerging and community talent.

There are three main exhibition spaces:

The Sadler Gallery
The Sadler Gallery is the main visual arts space at The Spring. Light and airy, the space is the main thoroughfare through the building. Work is displayed on the walls and in the visual arts cabinets.

Jewellery Cabinets
The jewellery cabinets in the Sadler Gallery holds handmade jewellery of original design and special exhibitions.

The Upper Mezzanine
The Spring has an exhibition space in the Upper Mezzanine in the heritage centre. This is primarily used for heritage inspired exhibitions, commissions or occasionally for exhibitions relating to projects managed by The Spring.

In some rare circumstances we may display work in this area by local artists, but this is only when an exhibition fits with a specific theme in our current work.