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Local Collections

Our Local Collection cabinets are found in our Sadler Gallery and feature artefacts, collections and exhibitions that we think are really interesting.  They all relate to local history, have been owned by a local resident or friend of The Spring, or are linked to an area of our work.

Fri 29 Apr – Fri 29 July 2016

Throwaway Comments and Glass

Becky Dunn

The shores of Langstone and Chichester Harbours provide rich pickings for local beachcomber Becky Dunn who collects all sorts of flotsam and jetsam to create unique sculptures. 

In this exhibition Becky displays a series of 2D and 3D sculptures created using discarded manmade materials, which are usually brightly coloured and non-degradable. the title is a reference to the impact on nature and the environment from our throwaway society.

Join Becky for her Beachcombers' Sculpture Workshop on 16 July.

Download Becky Dunn's Collection of Sea Glass Research notes.



Monday 1 August – Thursday 29 September

Once Upon a Time....

Clare Jefferson Jones

Clare Jefferson Jones started creating these books in 2011 when she created seven books as table numbers for her wedding reception, with each book a scene relating to her and her husband’s life. Since then she has gone on to make many more, developing different scenes and themes. Each book is individually designed and created using old books.



Saturday 1 October – Wednesday 30 November

Havant Scalextric

There will be a show of Scalextric cars as part of our Local Collection Cabinet displays.




Friday 2 December – Saturday 24 December

Christmas Decorations that have adorned Havant

Do you have a beautiful antique or sentimental Christmas decoration that you would like to put in the Local Collections cabinets for the month before Christmas? We would love to show off decorations that mean a lot to local people.

Contact Kate Saunders at: if you would like to take part and for more information.

Items can be collected on 24 December.