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Havant Borough's Textile Book of Remembrance

In 2014 the world remembered the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War, a conflict that killed over 17 million people and saw a further 20 million casualties world-wide.

Many men who lived in Havant Borough and the families of those who live here now were impacted. As Havant Borough’s museum, we wanted to commemorate and create a memorial to those who were affected by this terrible conflict.

Working with local professional textile artist Margaret Marks and members of the local community The Spring commissioned a textile book of remembrance to recognise the contribution many played in the war.

Over a period of 6 months Margaret met many members of the community and heard stories from the families of people involved in the conflict.





The Textile Book of Remembrance was created by hand by Margaret, who designed and created all the fabric and embroidery features.Members of the Havant Community contributed by sewing small symbolic poppies and barbed wire on the last page of the book entitled We Will Remember Them.

As part of the project The Spring sent out free poppy packs, which contained everything needed to make a textile poppy. Over 300 were distributed and exactly 100 were returned to The Spring.

Havant Borough’s Textile Book of Remembrance is now on display at The Spring!