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9 January 2015

This show by Dr Mark Baldwin is one of the Second World War’s most fascinating stories is that of the Allied Codebreakers, who deciphered a vast number of German secret messages and used the intelligence so gained to hasten Allied victory. The Germans had entrusted their secret communications to an ingenious ciphering machinethe Enigma, which was portable, easily operated, and could be set up in millions of ways. The codes were used and every one was changed every 24 hours.

The Allies gained invaluable information about troop and aircraft dispositions, orders of battle, U-boat movements, technical development, military intentions and tank and artillery strengths. It is generally reckoned that the intelligence from Engma shortened the war by about two years.

Dr Mark Baldwin has made a detailed study of the Enigma machine, the code-breaking work at Bletchley Park, and U-boats and has built up a unique collection of slides which illustrate the main features of those important facts of the Second World War. He has prepared an entertaining instructive show on this subject.

The show is divided into two parts. It is followed by an opportunity for questions, then a hands-on demonstration of one of the very few surviving Enigma machines.

These machines are so rare, this show has great interest to local press and radio (and occasionally TV). Dr Baldwin will gladly provide press and newspaper interviews which if arranged about a week before the event will provide excellent free advertising. As a result several managers have been able to report full houses.

“We had nearly 800 people in the audience who went home having thoroughly enjoyed the evening..I was well satisfied, and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Dr Mark Baldwin”

Cindy Hardy, Prince’s Theatre, Clacton