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Lost In Time exhibition- The Work of Lawrence Gleadle

Lost In Time exhibition- The Work of Lawrence Gleadle 11 September 2017

The works have been remastered with the help of local artist Kendal James, and can be viewed in The Spring’s Upper Mezzanine Gallery from Monday 11 September – Friday 22 December.

Lawrence Gleadle worked at Stafford and Co. printers in Nottingham. He started a five-year apprenticeship as an artist in 1923 at the age of 15, and went on to become the ‘Big Head Man’.  He would draw the portraits of the film stars or advertising characters and the background design for film and advertising posters.

By the 1930s Stafford was the largest poster printed in England. Lawrence kept samples of his work, including complete posters. When he left the company during the second world war, his work was bagged up and lost for nearly 80 years, until his son Goff discovered them and brought them back into the light.

A companion exhibition is being held at Art Space Portsmouth from 11 – 22 October.

The Spring will also be hosting a few meet and greet session on Saturday 28th October from 11am -1pm, where those interested can meet Lawrence’s son Goff Gleadle and Kendal James, who revived Lawrence’s work so it can be enjoyed today.

Lost in Time is free to view, and is open during The Spring’s usual opening hours.

Box Office: 023 9247 2700