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Q&A with Andrew Lawrence

Q&A with Andrew Lawrence 14 February 2018

Andrew Lawrence: The Happy Accident Tour Q&A

Last time you visited The Spring, it was with your tour Uncensored. What would you say are biggest differences between this and the material in The Happy Accident tour?

The 'Uncensored' tour in 2015 was a political stand-up show poking fun at what had become a very Left-wing comedy industry and mocking the faux-Liberal outrage and offence-taking that seemed to be very culturally pervasive at the time. I was the only comedian addressing those targets back then, but now a few years on, there are quite a few comedians who've adopted that political perspective, so it's becoming a bit old hat I would say.

With The Happy Accident Tour, I'm moving away from the political and social commentary side of my stand-up. The political landscape is so divided and hostile at the moment, audiences don't want to hear that kind of stuff from comedians currently- it's not conducive to a fun night out and it doesn't really bring people together.

The Happy Accident Tour is a stand-up show full of great jokes about family life, growing up, setting down, having kids, paying the mortgage, getting older, seeing your parents get older. Common experiences that we all share, things that we all relate to, that we can all laugh about.


What was your first impression of The Spring here in Havant?

It felt like the hub of a friendly community. The audience seemed very clued up about stand-up comedy, very receptive, no cynicism, which made it a really great night last time around, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the new show goes down.


Our Director has recently returned from maternity leave. What’s the most important bit of parenting advice you would give her?

I wouldn't even know where to begin! Every child is different, so there are no right or wrong answers I think, you just muddle through and find your way with things. If I'm honest, as a father, I'm not the one who carried my daughter for nine months and gave birth to her, so now she's here, I just more or less do what I'm told, anything else would seem arrogant!


Andrew is performing his new show, The Happy Accident Tour here at The Spring Thursday 17 February. For more information and to book tickets click here