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Family Festival: Space Explorers

In February 2019 we held our fifth Family Festival, presenting performances, activities and events for families to enjoy across Havant Borough.




This year, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, our theme was Space Explorers.








The Festival includes several strands of work, giving local families the chance to take part in a way that suits them.

We start in January each year with the distribution of over 1000 free craft packs. The packs are available to pick up from community locations across Havant Borough, including community centres, libraries and Sure Star centres. They contain a simple activity designed to be done at home and are an easy way to take part.  This year the packs contained all the parts needed to make and decorate your very own cardboard rocket!

We followed up the craft packs with eight free events in community centres across the Borough. We landed at the Acorn centre in Wecock Farm, Leigh Park Community Centre, the Rowan’s Hospice Living Well Centre and Bedhampton Community Centre.  The events included activities to test family’s suitability to fly into space and a special interactive performance where families took part in astronaut training. The events were created especially for The Spring by Pebblegorge Theatre and were great fun!

After eight free community events, it was time to return to The Spring for a series of four sell out workshops that took place in February half term.  We created a special space-walk, played games, and took part in craft activities.


The festival culminated with a special weekend of events. Over two days we hosted 11 family friendly performances including The Star Seekers by Wardrobe Ensemble (who have previously performed at the National Theatre), Little Star (a performance for babies) and Ready Steady Lift Off! an interactive performance by A Line Art. We had space themed food for sale, issued astronaut licences and generally had a fantastic time!


The festival is an important part of our outreach programme, and aims to help us develop relationships with people who may not otherwise come to The Spring. To achieve this we offered a 50% discount on festival performance and workshop tickets to anyone who picked up a free craft pack or came to a free community event. As a result we made some fantastic new friends and space explorers – with nearly 2000 people taking part in the festival this year!