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The Spring in Schools

The Spring in schools

Taking theatre to schools in our borough

The Spring is committed to creating great experiences for everyone. This includes the youngest members of our community and sees us take thought provoking and beautiful theatre to local primary and secondary schools in the local area.

In recent years we have noticed that the number of school groups coming to performance events has dwindled.  We believe that watching and participating in cultural experiences is a really important part of learning and growing, so we found this trend worrying.  Conversations with teachers and schools let us know that dwindling budgets and pressure on teachers meant that school trips to theatres, museums and cultural venues were more challenging than ever before. We can’t solve all of the problems faced by schools, but we are determined to do what we can to make sure that every child or young person in Havant Borough can experience a high quality cultural experience.

We offer a range of activities to achieve our aim including, since 2017, touring performances into local schools for free. This removes the problems, such as transport, cost, scheduling and parental permissions, that some schools face when trying to arrange trips.

Following on from the success of Tangled feet and Half Moon’s show in local primary schools in October 2018 called ‘Need A Little Help’, we took another beautiful children’s show called ‘The Goose Who Flew’ by Lots of Odds theatre to three schools in the borough for four performances in January 2020.

‘The Goose Who Flew’ is a heart-warming tale about a goose who needs to fly south for the winter but his journey doesn’t go as planned leaving the Goose to seek safety and friendship in a new environment.  Amber-rose uses several puppets and plays many characters herself to take the audience with Goose as he meets lots of new people and makes new friends. The show has toured all over the country for the last 2 years and soon to be closed meaning the 340 children across the borough will be some of the last to see Goose in action.

After each performance, the audience are invited to ask questions about the show, the story and the puppets. The round off the experience Amber-Rose asked each audience ‘If you were a Goose who flew, where would you fly to?’ Some of our favourite responses included, ‘Hollywood’, ‘To a castle’ and ‘I would fly to a tree, talk to Goose and invite him to my birthday party!’.

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