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One-off Workshops for Adults


Relief Printing: Reduction Colour Prints

Tutor: Fabioloa Knowles £55, £49 concessions

In this full-length session you will learn how to make a multicolour print from a single printing block. Fabiola will teach you the technique employed to make a reduction lino print, but without the time-consuming element of carving the lino. You will use foam sheets to create images in progressive stages, printing different colours as
you go, as well as learning about registration to ensure each layer of your work is where it should be. The work will be based on a theme to help focus ideas, giving a wonderful end result of layered colours, lines and shapes. All materials will be provided.

Saturday 24 March, 10am - 3pm Book now

Willow Sculptures

Tutor: Becky Dunn £70

Join local artist Becky Dunn in this one-off willow sculpture workshop. In the session you will learn and practise simple weaving techniques with natural willow to create a garden obelisk, a fish, an open platter, or a wreath to decorate with shells. All materials and equipment will be provided.

Saturday 21 April, 10am - 3pm Book now

Beachcombers' Sculpture

Tutor: Becky Dunn £70, £63 concessions including lunch

Rummage through an exciting collection of driftwood, shells, stones, and bits of fl otsam and jetsam, select some interesting pieces, then bring them all together to create your own unique sculptures. A wide range of materials will be on offer, all found on the local beaches of Langstone and Chichester Harbours. If you have some of your own
‘finds’ you are welcome to use them too.

Saturday 12 May, 10am - 3pm Book now

Printmaking without a Press

Tutor: Fabiola Knowles £70, £63 concessions

Under the guidance of an experienced printmaker, you will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of techniques including relief, stencil and mono printing in this five-week course. You will explore how different printmaking methods can be combined and what to consider when layering colour. Fabiola will teach you how to register your work accurately and how to experiment with offsetting layers to create interest and movement, allowing you to hone your skills in using the tools of a printmaker to the best effect.

Download the materials list

Wednesday 6, 13, 20, 27 June & 4 July, 6- 8pm Book now

Pastels: Flowers and Foliage

Tutor: Robyn Cheyne BA £70, £63 concessions including lunch

If you harbour a love of flowers and foliage in all their many forms and colours and have always wanted to try pastels, or improve your skills with the medium, then this is the workshop for you. You will learn a variety of techniques and tips to bring out all the nuances and subtleties inherent in one of nature’s most varied subjects. Robyn will be demonstrating and offering support at all times. Suitable for all levels of ability.

Download the materials list

Saturday 9 June, 10am - 3pm Book now