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18th April

Saturday 18 April, 10am – 2pm

In the Sadler Gallery

Free, no tickets required


Challenge your inner centurion, play 3000-year-old board games and strive for victory in a gladiatorial bout of rock-paper-scissors TO THE DEATH!


Recreate the anticipation and excitement of ancient Rome as you cause a megalithic stir in our colossal play event. Aimed at all ages, ROMANS! also features knucklebones, dice games and an area for younger players to make up and share their own games.


Our brilliant Mini Colosseum playscape is brought to life by you, the players. Using percussion, games and interactive storytelling we recreate the anticipation and excitement of ancient Rome in all its glory.


Romans! Is a free, interactive activity for the whole family.


Our café will be open throughout the day serving a range of snacks, meals and Easter treats.


Romans! is supported by the Council for British Archeology and Historic England through the Mick Aston Archaeology Fund.

18th April 10:00am
Free Event