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Dickens and his Circle

Talk by Lucinda Hawksley
27 Oct Heritage

Tickets: £16, £14.40 concessions

When historian and writer Lucinda Hawksley was a child, she knew Charles Dickens merely as one of her ancestors – her great-great-great-grandfather.

Through the prism of his most important relationships, she reveals the man behind the stern Victorian image. Someone who was not just a world-famous novelist but a loving father to his daughters, a difficult husband, a reformer, a journalist and even a dandy. Lucinda examines the lives of those around the man often described as the first ‘modern’ author and one of the first people to whom the term ‘celebrity’ was applied. She also explores his social circle and his unexpected relationships with women. Lucinda has written numerous non-fiction books and has appeared on a number of TV programmes including Songs of Praise (BBC1), Queen Victoria’s Children and Mrs Dickens’ Family Christmas (BBC2).

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