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Jemma Corbin: Colour Field

Exhibition 15th January - 4th April


Please note that this event has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Please see our News page for the latest information.

Jemma Corbin: Colour Field  

In the Mezzanine Gallery

Contemporary textiles and a history of natural colour.


Colour Field showcases the work of textile artist Jemma Corbin, and explores how plants are central to her artistic practice. It also looks at the wider use, cultivation and movement of natural dyes throughout history.


Jemma’s collection of minimalist quilts and cushions re-imagines the work of a group of mid-20th Century abstract painters whose bold, colourful work would become known as ‘Colour Field’ painting.


Using pigments sourced from field and forest, natural fibres and traditional craft processes, Jemma seeks to blur the line between fine art and function; her work is sumptuous, tactile and designed to be used and loved.


Saturday 28 March, 2.30pm – 4pm

Meet the Artist

In the Mezzanine

Join Jemma for an informal demonstration of the processes used in preparing and dyeing natural fabrics and learn more about her creative practice.