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John Keats in Bedhampton

A talk by Nigel Gossop 21st November

Tickets: £6.50

A chance to hear more about John Keat’s visits to Bedhampton from a local expert.


200 years ago, in January 1819, the young poet John Keats visited Chichester, Bedhampton and nearby Stansted Park.  Keats spent two weeks in Bedhampton where he wrote his epic narrative poem The Eve of St Agnes.  Tonight’s illustrated talk will explore a little of John Keats short life, his circle of friends and the local people who became part of the story behind the visit.   Nigel will also discuss John Keats’ subsequent visit to Bedhampton in September 1820 when en-route to Italy where he died aged 24 just five months later, in February 1821.


Nigel Gossop is a Book collector, literary researcher and a member of the Bedhampton Historical Collection and the Chichester Literary Society.