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Music Fusion - Mavericks Launch Night

26 Mar Music

Tickets: £5
Under 18's and Mums are free! These free tickets can be redeemed by visiting or calling The Spring's box office.
Unreseved seating/standing


Maverick - ‘A person who thinks and acts in an independent way’

Mavericks is the third album from the Music Fusion ‘Words Not Weapons’ project. This prestigious event is the official launch of both the album and the upcoming tour.

Working with over 30 young artists, it aims to bridge the divide between feuding communities and unite young people under a common goal.

Mavericks address the important issue of peer pressure by giving young people a safe platform to demonstrate that doing the right thing is a viable second option.

The night will feature exclusive performances by the young artists as well as a chance to meet the team and understand more about the project. 


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