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Eamonn Fleming in association with LittleMighty


21 Jul Theatre

Tickets: £12.50, £11.25 concessions

We all get carried away with our imagination sometimes, but what happens when we actually start to believe that what we’ve imagined is true?!

Take Eamonn Fleming – he had a great time at a Motorhead gig, with vivid memories of bellowing fans, the smell of beer and sweat, the thunderous music – but turns out, it’s all completely made up.

Join Eamonn as he goes from Motorhead to memory research in this funny and surprising play about not being able to trust a single thing that you remember from your past. Eamonn’s electric guitar will be played, recreating the sweaty atmosphere of a Motorhead gig. Slides will be projected (OHP – old school), sweets will be handed out, and there’s even a bit of joining in (though nothing too scary).

Recommended for age 12+

Fri 21 Jul  8:00pm Book tickets