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20 Jun Theatre

Tickets: £12.50, £11.50 concessions

Followed by a post show chat

Ancient Egypt: ‘Wandering womb’ theory first recorded.

1518: Hundreds of people dance uncontrollably on the streets of Strasbourg.

1877: Dr Jean-Martin Charcot gives demonstrations of hypnosis on female ‘hysterics’ in Paris.

2019: An award-winning theatre company write this blurb.

Right now: You read this and understand implicitly that it won’t just be a group of people screaming in a dark room for an hour. You sense it’s an exploration of medical and theatrical storytelling that transcends time. You feel a sensation that can only be described as an uncontrollable urge. You book your ticket.


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"...fantastic in their performance...their physical work is superb."
"...fiercely intelligent...relentlessly imaginative...philosophically and emotionally honest."

Thu 20 Jun  7:30pm Book tickets