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Modern Life is Rubbish

11 May Theatre

Bloody hell, life is difficult sometimes. There are so many things to get stressed about - anxiety is through the roof and everyone is getting more and more frustrated and grumpy!

Modern Life is Rubbish is The Spring’s one night celebration of the stresses and strains of modern life through theatre, an outdoor spectacular and comedy. You could stay at home and bang your head against the wall or you could get out to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all!

This evening’s event includes three performances:


7pm – 8pm In the theatre

Tensile Strength (or How to Survive at Your Wit’s End)

We’ve all been there: struggling with work, with relationships, feeling like things are all A Bit Too Much…and then the cat goes missing.

Tensile Strength is a theatre performance about the society we live in. It questions the causes of stress and how we as individuals can deal with it before it turns into something more sinister.

Begin your evening with theatre maker Holly Gallagher who has some urgent questions for a society which just can’t seem to relax.


8.15pm – 8.45pm at the top of the car park

That Parking Show

There are three certainties in life: death, taxes and people getting angry about parking spaces. But what really fuels the road rage? 

Come and witness a hilarious, acrobatic show in our car park where a parking row escalates to full-blown war as two cars vie for one parking spot. As the cars collide so do the occupants, their musical choices and the contents of the boot. Bonnets pop, roofs peel open and everything (and everyone!) starts to unhinge. Expect a host of surprises as the cars and their drivers start to unleash some anger!

At a time when divisions in society cleave us apart, this outdoor performance will bring people together to laugh at ourselves, to explore the ways that conflicts escalate disproportionately and to reflect on how we let fury over small things blind us to larger realities. 


9.15pm in the theatre

Arthur Smith

Arthur Smith headlines Modern Life is Rubbish with a stand up gig of sublime silliness, short stories, jokes, anecdotes, poems and songs.

Known for his appearances on TV’s Grumpy Old Men along with QI, Have I Got News For You and more, we’re delighted he’s taking time to join us in Havant to celebrate all that’s frustrating about the world!



Modern Life is Rubbish all-inclusive ticket: £25

Tickets can be purchased separately as follows:

Tensile Strength: £12

Arthur Smith: £20


Please note seats for these events are unreserved.


This event is part of our Beyond the Stage programme, unique activities and events where you don’t just watch a show – you experience it.


The bar will be open throughout the evening serving drinks and snacks.

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