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Fluid Motion Theatre Company

Rum In the Gravy Boat

12 Oct Theatre

Tickets: £12.50, £11.25 concessions

“Raise a Glass. Raise a Family. Raise a child.”

‘I don’t really have any one memory of when or how this all started. I’ve never made a show about myself before. Never felt the need to but then again this story is only partly about me … Something happened when I was a child that made life both deeply unbearable and beautifully profound. At the same time a weird alchemy occurred, something good from the bad, and it stirred in me a deep fascination to perform that I just couldn’t shake off.’

Fluid Motion Theatre Company presents Rum in the Gravy Boat a play that seeks to highlight a world in which an estimated 700,000 children under 16 in the UK live with a parent who is dependent on alcohol. Developed through autobiographical storytelling, physical theatre and humour, Rum in the Gravy Boat is a playful exploration into how theatre can be used to make sense of the past.

Set in a series of childhood bedrooms based on the actor’s own life, Rum in the Gravy Boat delves into the dressing up box and takes us on a journey of missed performances, first dates and boiling kettles.

Recommended for ages 16+
Running time 50 minutes

Followed by a post-show chat


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