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The Black Cat

11 Oct Theatre

Tickets £12.50, £11.50 concessions

Followed by a post-show chat

A renegade retelling of Edgar Allan Poe’s twisted tale. Two performers dismember the process of adaptation by reimagining a macabre classic with the cheekiest of glints in their eyes.

An enigmatic writer has adapted Poe’s original story and handed scripts over to two performers who are now taking merciless liberties with the words – like a madman taking out a furious rage on a helpless pet.

Balanced between the hilarious and the horrific, this show revels in the darkness that hides just under the surface.

The Black Cat is gravely good fun, but be warned: it will get catty. Meow.

Suitable for age 12+ but please note, this play has adult themes and some bad language

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