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The Duck

followed by a post show Q&A in the theatre 24th January


Tickets: £12.50, £11.50 concessions

This event will last up to 50 minutes.

This funny and moving new play explores the life of a woman after she receives a late diagnosis of autism. Working back through the labels she was given as a child – naughty, arrogant, lazy – this performance is built around storytelling and memories and makes connections between different ways of thinking.

Describing herself as A Duck (because they’re not scary), until now she has believed that she is swimming through a world of people just like her. Now
she needs to re-examine who she is and what that means.

The Duck is a considerate performance where we ask the audience to try to be considerate of each other’s sensory needs. For further information about what we mean by a considerate performance and for further information about what happens in the play please visit our website or contact the box office.

The Duck is a Considerate Performance and we want everyone to feel welcome here. We particularly ask that you:
1. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in – that can be shorts and sandals or formal-wear. We love seeing people dressed up as much as we love seeing people comfortable. If you like to dress up, go for it, if not, don’t.
2. Try to be as considerate of other people’s different sensory needs as you would like them to be of yours.
3. Bring silent fidget gadgets if they help and feel safe to use them freely. We don’t expect anyone to sit still, but we do ask for consideration for the people around you.
4. If you like chatting to strangers, but they don’t respond, then be kind. It’s not personal; some people would prefer not to chat and expressing that through social niceties can be hard when you’re outside your comfort zone.
5. If you need to leave during the performance then you are welcome to do so. It’s fine to come back again too. You are not trapped in here, and you are not getting in the way of the performance if you need some space.
6. Above all please be considerate and kind.

You may find it useful to know a bit more about what will happen at the performance. We hope this information makes your visit more enjoyable.

• The Duck is 50 minutes long and there is no interval. It will take place in The Spring’s theatre. The show will be followed by a question and answer session in the theatre
• The Duck is a one-woman play so there is only one actor on stage
• There are a couple of times in the play when the character shouts
• There are no sound systems involved, so no feedback or speakers buzzing
• The Duck will show self-injurious behaviour at one point – she is acting and not actually hurting herself
• Towards the end of the performance The Duck will ask one person in the middle of the front row to shake hands. If she chooses you and you don’t want to shake her hand then you don’t have to. Just shake your head instead. There won’t be any direct interaction with anyone else
• There will be no music or other sounds played during the performance
• There will be no strobe lighting

If you have any questions or would like any more information about the play or the experience of visiting The Spring, please contact the box office and we will do our best to help.


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“This was a fast-paced, frenetic, funny, intelligent, occasionally sad, incredibly engaging and informative performance. This is the sort of autistic performance that I want to see, and that I want non-autistics to see”.
Audience Member
24th January 7:30pm
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