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Walk of Shame II

24 May Theatre

Tickets: £12.50, £11.50 concessions

Followed by a post show chat

A coming of age show. Two decades too late.

Ferocious clubber Eleanor Conway has always been a woman of extremes; she partied around the world as a music journo, made porn and Tinder'd her way through most of London…Now sober from booze and substances she’s struggling to find moderation and meaning.  

What happens when you wake up after your last blackout and realise the party is over? Conway’s superpower used to be ‘The Blackout’, a power so strong it meant that she could fast forward to the future. She's now 'clean' but really she’s still as filthy as ever; still only owns one bra, still dating men way too young for her and still banned from Tinder.

Join us for the sequel to Walk of Shame, which was a sell out at The Spring in 2018, and find out what happens when you stop chasing the ‘perfect’ version of you and realise she's been there all along.


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