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Covid-19 Refunds and Credit Vouchers

August 2020


We want all our audiences to feel happy and confident about attending events at The Spring. In light of Covid-19 we have revised our refund policy to make sure that all our customers understand the terms on which they are buying ticket and if necessary when they can claim a refund.


Customers with Symptoms of Covid-19

We will offer refunds or credit vouchers to any customer who is unable to attend an event because they are displaying symptoms of Covid-19. This is either in advance of the event or because they have an elevated temperature on arrival. We also offer full refunds or credit vouchers to any audience member who is unable to attend due to a change in government rules, such as additional shielding measures or local lockdowns.


In the case of weekly workshops, refunds and credit vouchers will only be available for the sessions not attended.


Cancelled and Rescheduled Events

In line with our usual practice, full refunds will be offered for any cancelled event.

We will offer refunds or credit vouchers to any customer who is unable to attend a rescheduled event. In these cases, we are only able to offer refunds up to two weeks before the event. After this time, credit vouchers will be offered.

As a registered charity, we gratefully accept donations of your ticket value in place of refunds or credit vouchers when events cannot take place.


Changing your mind about attending an event

We understand that some people may change their mind about attending an event as the pandemic progresses or changes. With at least 5 days’ notice, we are happy to offer credit vouchers to audience members who change their mind about attending a live event or film due to Covid-19.

We are sorry that we are unable to offer credit vouchers for workshops within a half term block when participants have changed their minds. This is because when you book a workshop you are paying for the space, which cannot then be sold on once the half term has started.


Other Refund Requests

Like many other theatres and arts centres we cannot automatically offer refunds for events or workshops for reasons that are unrelated to Covid-19. However, we want you to feel comfortable and happy about visiting The Spring so please contact us regarding your situation and we will do our best to help.


Although we may not readily be able to offer refunds we can help you to exchange your tickets for another event or, in the case of sold out shows, make your tickets available to someone on a waiting list. Please note in these instances we will charge a 20% admin fee.




If you have any questions regarding our refund and credit voucher policy during Covid-19, please do not hesitate to contact us.


For further information, please contact
Helen Gray, Box Office Manager
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