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Box Office: 023 9247 2700


The Spring Cafe and Bar

Our award winning cafe is now open from 10:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Saturday for delicious cakes and light lunches.  

The Spring’s evening  bar opens 45 minutes before the start of a show.

For café and bar enquiries, please contact or call us on 023 9224 9069 

Only food and drink purchased at The Spring Café and Bar can be consumed on the premises, with the exception of baby food or specific dietary restrictions.

Current Menu

Our Daytime Menu features a variety of freshly prepared hot and cold food which you can eat in our friendly cafe. 

Toast and jam (Gf) £2.00
Served with jam, marmalade or honey

On Toast (Gf, Ve)
Avocado with chilli flakes or seeds £5.00
Cheese with chutney £4.50
Baked Beans £3.50

Toasted tea cake £2.00
…with jam £2.50

Sausage roll
…and beans £4.00
…and salad £4.00
Add coleslaw £0.50


Tuna mayonnaise £5.50

Ham & chutney £5.50

Cheese & chutney £5.50

Egg mayonnaise with cress £5.50


Cheese & Ham £6.00
Cheese & Chutney £6.00
Ham & Chutney £6.00
Tuna & Cheese £6.00

Jacket Potatoes
Tuna £7.00
Cheese & Ham or Beans £7.50
Cheese & Chutney £7.00
Ham & Chutney £7.00


Large £6.00
Small £5.00
Cup of soup with half a sandwich £5.00

Sandwich (Gf) options available

Kids lunch box £5.00

A selection of cakes will be available each day

Gf = gluten free option available

Please advise the staff if you are coeliac before you order.

Our gluten free dishes are all made with gluten free ingredients and we are careful to minimize the risk of cross contamination. However, we cannot eliminate the possibility of cross contamination so cannot guarantee food to be 100% gluten free.

Ve = vegan option available

If you have any dietary requirements please let the café staff know, full allergen information for all of our dishes are available and our staff will be happy to help.